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Preparing your business [plan] for a financier or investor

Business Plan

Working with you to draft a professional Business Plan.

Finance Options

Identifying the finance or investor options to consider and approach.

Take Action

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Our Service

The Simascor service has two stages:

  • Stage 1: We draft a professional Business Plan for you based on the data and information you supply us with.
  • Stage 2: The Business Plan is used as a tool to get business finance.

When the Business Plan has been completed, you can request to commission Simascor to assist you approach potential financiers and investors for business finance.

We generally work with amounts from R100 000 to R50 million required for small and medium enterprises. Simascor offers its services to start-ups as well as all entrepreneurs who have a viable formal business and who require financing for expansion, property acquisition, working capital, equipment, takeovers, or management buy-outs. Business in most sectors are considered for finance and investment procurement including manufacturing, commercial property, retail, motor trade, travel and tourism, leisure and services industries.

Service Fees

A Complete Business Plan From

The fee will vary depending on the availability of information from the client.

To get started a payment of R9500 is required and the balance is payable in two payments of R5000 as we complete the Business Plan - any additional fees will be added to the two progress payments.

A Business Plan Includes The Following Sections:

Executive summary
Business overview
Company management
The market
Sales & marketing strategy
Financial statements & projections
Legal & regulatory environment
SWOT analysis & risk/reward assessment
Appendices & supporting documentation
Target completion 10-15 working days

Approaching Prospective Financiers & Investors

  • When the Business Plan has been completed, Simascor can identify potential financiers or investors that may be approached for business finance.
  • Simascor is available at a consultation fee to assist clients to approach prospective financiers or investors - we can also get involved with negotiations, drafting documents, or related matters as may be required.
  • Simascor Consultation fees: R495 per 30 minutes. Note that consultation fees exclude fees payable to third parties e.g. attorneys for drafting legal documents, or charges by an accounting firm for auditing financial statements.
  • A negotiable raising fee on the funds obtained for a client is payable to Simascor on finance or investor transaction amounts.

What are key factors that a financier or investor will look for in a business plan?

  • A comprehensive breakdown of what needs to be financed;
  • The entrepreneur’s own contribution;
  • Up-to-date financials and realistic projections that present a viable business as a going concern (if it is an existing business);
  • A viability assessment of the transaction, showing the business’ ability to meet all cash flow commitments (debt repayment, creditors and other cash expenses) and to generate a decent and acceptable return to the shareholders;
  • A demonstration that all aspects relating to a successful business have been considered (including human resources, marketing, finance, technical, production and corporate governance);
  • Evidence of regulatory compliance by the business (for example, the business’ tax affairs must be in order);
  • A demonstration of the ability and experience of managers and key staff to successfully implement and manage the business into the future;
  • Evidence that all intentions and forecasts in the business plan are based on reasonable assumptions, supported with relevant documentation as far as possible;
  • A single document, comprising all elements and key factors mentioned in the business plan guide provided.

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